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i can't make it work when all i have is not enough...

8 November
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Lucy. 25. Taken ♥. Twin.
♥ Loving...
being a twin, anything coral, baking, polka dots, photo booths, cities, statement rings, pink blush, candid photographs, nude shoes, nail polish, english breakfast, driving in the sunshine, floral wallpaper, fairy lights, iced coffee, gadgets, stationery, disney, glitter, inspirational quotes, greece, music, list making, american tv, bows, interior design, tattoos, dresses, vintage, being crafty, family, oversized handbags, bright flowers, hugs, fireworks, cocktails, live shows, creative writing, vacations, manicures, pedicures, the beach, date nights, umbrellas, giving gifts, fate, saturday mornings, my home...
♥ Fandoms...
Pretty Little Liars, Cougar Town, Gilmore Girls, The Big Bang Theory, The Hills, One Tree Hill, Supernatural, Dollhouse, Modern Family

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