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i can't make it work when all i have is not enough...
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[x4] Blake Lively
[x1] Selena Gomez
[x5] Pixie Lott
[x6] Sophia Bush
[x8] Carrie Underwood
[x8] Mila Kunis
[x5] Katie Cassidy
[x3] Delta Goodrem


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[8] Selena Gomez
[10] Jessica Lowndes
[4] Dianna Agron
[3] Mollie King
[7] Ashley Olsen
[3] Miley Cyrus
[2] Taylor Swift
[3] Kristin Cavallari
[8] Dollhouse


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30th-Dec-2010 12:48 pm - Movies of 2010...

Personally I thought that 2010 was an awesome year for movies, and trying to pick my favourite 10 movies out of all those released was nearly impossible. The limit of 10 meant that I had to leave out great movies such as Alice in Wonderland, Chloe and Iron Man 2, but I also haven't gotten to see such movies as Inception, which I'm sure would have made it onto my list had I seen it! And then there's those movies being released in the next week or so, such as How Do You Know, which I won't get a chance to see before 2011 rings in! Either way, these are my favourite 10 movies which I've seen in the year of 2010 - enjoy!
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29th-Dec-2010 11:06 am - Women of 2010...

Here is my list of my favourite women of 2010. They are my favourites for their own different reasons, and have all been wonderful and memorable in 2010! Obviously, this is totally my own list, and lots of people will disagree with my choices, but I would still love to know what you think of these great women! Also, feel free to use the icons associated with the posts, just credit if you do :).
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26th-Dec-2010 07:24 pm - there's a place out there for us...
Pixie Lott [x7]
Audrina Patridge [x9]
Cheryl Cole [x3]
Lauren Conrad [x8]
The Saturdays [x3]
Katy Perry [x3]
Kate Hudson [x5]
Kaley Cuoco [x1]
Taylor Swift [x1]
Dollhouse [x12]


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